Full Zirconia Crown

Zirconia Crown From China

Source High - Quality Zirconia Crown from China at Hehe Dental

Dental Treatment and related technologies have advanced to a considerable extent and teeth restoration has become a reality. Many dentists suggest this treatment to their patients and help them get their damaged and worn out teeth restored to its original condition. For this purpose, they need high-quality dental products like Zirconia Crown. Hehe Dental, a reputed Dental Lab offers an extensive range of dental products that have changed the face of dentistry today. Dentists can source Zirconia Crown from China from this dental lab. The Company manufactures fracture-resistant and strongest tooth colored restoration Zirconia Crown..
Hehe Dental Lab uses full monolithic Sagemax to manufacture these Crowns. The crowns are highly polished and as such front teeth with these crowns look smooth, translucent and aesthetically nice. Get best quality China Zirconia Bridge Supplies and help your patients regain their lost confidence with amazing tooth restoration dental treatment.


When it comes to the strongest, most fracture-resistant, mostooth colored restoration in dentistry today, our full-contour zirconia crown is the most wise choice you can prescribe with total confidence.


Full monolithic Sagemax is our material for full zirconia restoration.

We have a very unique technology which polish instead of glaze, that is the reason why our front teeth from full zirconia are much more translucent, smooth,aesthetic than those from others.


And because of high flexural strength,our high translucent Sagemax has the warranty against breakage for 10 years.

A unique fabrication process makes Sagemax more beautiful, more lifelike and we give the front restoration a high recommendation. If  you are looking for the most aesthetic and strongest restoration available, ask for Sagemax.

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