Emax Crown

You have two kinds of choices for emax in our lab. One is emax layered. The other is emax monolithic.

Layered emax is pressed, cut-back and hand layered for increased translucency and shading. The material we use is called IPS E.max Press lithium disilicate glass ceramic(LS2), which is supplied in four levels of translucency and two sizes for maximum flexibility. So it can offer excellent fit, form and function combined with high strength of 400 Mpa.

E.max monolithic is milled or pressed full contour, stained, glazed and polished. This material can produce wonderful outcomes if it's combined with dedicated and experienced team. Emax monolithic can exhibit 360Mpa.

The manufacturing process does not require stacked porcelain, which is unique among all traditional restorations. That is the reason why emax monolithic is one of the strongest restorations available.

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