About us

      •  Lab Certification
      ISO13485 and FDA
    • Lab Material

      Only CE and ISO certificated Material
    • 3D Digital Center

      5 scanners, 8 Zirconia Milling Machine, 2 Implant Abutment milling machine, 4 3D printing Machine.
      • Research Technology Center  2 Doctors of Dental Medicine ,18 Research Team in lab  
      Quality Control

      QC in every step, cases would be transfer to next step after master technician’s inspection. Final QC does double check before we send  cases  to customer.
    • Smooth Communication:

      1, 7 customer service assistants, 7 working days, 08:30-24:00 everyday.
    • 2, English and France,German speaking.
    • Efficient clearance:

      All pick up and delivery package are from Hong Kong so that we can avoid any custom problem importing to China and get your package as soon as possible.
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