As an international dental laboratory, ShenZhen  Hehe  Dental Laboratory was founded in 2012, we have been specialized in dental R&D, high quality producing and processing business. we are more than 400 technicians

Our Lab is a high standard production workshop and have high-tech dental equipment from the United States, Germany ,Denmark and other countries. We import raw materials from US & Europe with CE and ISO certificate and manufacture a variety of dental products. From the raw materials’procurement, production processing testing to the final quality inspection, we strictly implement the international quality management standard system.The target of our business is Excellent Quality, Service Commitment.

We provide  the following products: Zirconium, IPS/E-MAX,  Alumina, Telescope, Precision-attachment, digital products like 3D print and milling abutment, framework, various Implants, Partial denture, Valplast, Orthodontic appliances and so on.

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